Our workouts mimic how a boxer trains day to day. But you could say we're the fitness friendly version of boxing. We will teach you stance, punches and combinations and do it in style... and the best bit is, it's just you and your bag.


    12 x Boxing | 12 x Functional Cardio
    80s Rounds
    20s Rest

    Tribute's trainers pump up the tunes as you sweat your way through this high intensity
    program, this class is guaranteed to get your lungs working and your heart rate up. Perfect for members who are over the long, boring cardio

    Pacman is the perfect way to sweat out and start your week of work.


    5 x Boxing | 5 x Lower Body Strength
    3min Rounds
    40s Rest

    Designed to keep you moving, this circuit was hand selected to ensure your legs can hold you up whilst you're in the ring.

    Set up in an AMRAP "As Many Reps As Possible" circuit, these rounds will enhance your foot defence by keeping your legs burning.


    7 x Boxing | 7 x Strength | 7 x Core
    90s Round
    25s Rest

    Combining all of your favourite training elements into a fast paced classthere is nowhere to hide.

    Roy Jones Jnr gives you a full body workout under the watchful eye of the Tribute Boxing trainers. It's time to step up and book into our all rounder class.


    8 x Boxing | 8 x Upper Body Strength
    2min Rounds
    30s Rest

    Tribute trainers lead you through a workout designed to build the lean muscle that boxers use when inside the ring. This is the session for members who are finished with conventional weight training and ready to develop the bodyweight strength of elite boxers.

    Run in a "You Go I Go" (YGIG) fashion, this circuit is guaranteed to keep you accountable.

    Book into the Tyson, put your head down and get ready to see some results.


    18 x Boxing, Footwork, Functional
    90s Rounds
    25s Rest

    Gear up for a circuit that is guaranteed to keep you moving as we make our way through the Lomachenko designed to get you that "hard and fast" workout. This action packed, boxing & cardio class is perfect for members looking to improve on hand eye coordination & guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

    Book into the Lomachenko to get your boxing cardio fix!


    10 x Boxing, Strength, Cardio
    3min Rounds
    40s Rest

    Get ready to kick it old school! Tribute Boxing's experienced trainers give you a taste of what it was like to train for a championship fight!

    Ali is a great introduction class for new members or simply a chance to keep refining those boxing, strength and fitness skills all in the one 45 minute class!


    Our knowledgeable trainers take you through the Lionel Rose, open to all levels of boxing experience focused on skill and technique development. A mix of traditional boxing fundamentals with partner work and drilling, you are guaranteed to walk away with a new piece of valued knowledge.

    Join us in one of our Lionel Rose classes to hone in on your boxing technique!


    Ever wanted to pick up boxing as a new skill but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're a seasoned boxer that wants to master the fundamentals through repetition and drilling? If either speaks to you, then you've come to the right place. Tribute's Boxing Fundamentals provides the ideal platform and space to perfect the fundamentals.

    Join a fundamentals class today to get started!